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Responses are speedier if you send a direct message on instagram: @yara___sophia


We are an Online Store! 

We are an Online Store! 

Responses are speedier if you send a direct message on instagram: @yara___sophia


Yara Sophia is an online boutique store based in Los Angeles. Our jewelry is inspired by the tradition, culture, ritual and the ancient adornment of the female form. Our pieces are born from a yearning for organic design and placing value in the craftsmanship behind each single piece. Our collections are made with the intention of creating pieces that can be passed down through generations, with minimal waste and minimal carbon footprint. 

Through the marriage of tradition and exploration, we hope you feel your strongest in our jewelry. 


Each piece is designed, handcrafted and 100% handmade. Using recycled and responsibly-sourced metals all manufactured in the United States, our goal is to minimize waste in the production of our pieces, and therefore, the majority of our pieces are made to order. 

Our packaging is made from recycled and biodegradable materials and we continuously look for ways to be more conscious of our environmental impact.


Our jewelry is virtually all made by Faith Oftadeh in her home-studio based in Northeast San Gabriel. With an expertise in traditional methods of crafting jewelry by hand, our pendants, rings, and formed metals are made via sand-casting.